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"Conquering Your Goliaths"
A Parable of the Five Stones


Kathryn Jones is a writer.  She is a researcher.  She is brilliant.  Most of all, she is a light to all those around her and with her creation of “Conquering Your Goliaths” she’s given us yet another gift.  This gentle story reminds us that we are all in Divine company…especially when we least expect it! 

You will also never pick up a stone again without a moment of recognition.  The simplest things in our lives are the most profound and this book is a “must-have” on so many levels.  It’s a simple book.  An easy to understand book.  A thought-provoking book.  It’s a book that lifts your spirit and your awareness. 

When I first met Kathryn there was no doubt of her conviction to write.  She is a spectacular woman whose talent for helping others through written word is obvious page after page. 

Are you listening?  That’s the beginning of your journey with Kathryn and from there; “Conquering Your Goliaths” will make you stronger in heart, in the faith that You Are Loved and in your devotion to Spiritual growth. 

You will definitely read this book more than once.

Angel Shannon

Life Enrichment Advisor – Tranquility Circle, Inc.

Angel has been in Media, Communications and Promotions for 30+ years. Her primary goals have shifted from marketing to public speaking. Teaching others how to relax in a stressful world is her goal which is why she founded her own company, Tranquility Circle, Inc. She offers solo sessions, workshops and seminars…and is manifesting a women’s day retreat.

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It wasn’t fair. In all her travels, and there had been many within the city of Idaho Falls, Idaho, Ms. Virginia Bean had never stopped for much more than a “fair share” moment. It wasn’t that silence wasn’t a good thing; it’s just that silence of any kind wasn’t for Ms. Virginia Bean and she could prove it.

Today, as in every day, she’d worked longer than necessary putting on her makeup, and more time than expected cleaning her house and organizing her day so that others would see how good she looked even when she was away. She’d prayed, yes, but it was always one of those quick dose methods, those that kept her in the black with the Lord and out of the red with her own guilty conscience.

She left the house at half past eight, journeyed to her job at the Regal Doughnut Factory and placed her feet smack dab on the spot where she’d stood for ten not so glorious years. She’d tried to make them glorious, of course, and her hands had proved faster and quicker than most; still, after a long day of standing and an even longer evening of cleaning up, she was ready for a vacation.

At least that’s what she told herself.

Unfortunately, on this blistery summer day in early August, Ms. Virginia Bean got just what she needed but didn’t want.

A firing, of sorts, happened that day; the factory was closing down, or, at least, losing some ground and opening up in New York, far across the country from Ms. Virginia Bean.

The job opportunity, if you could call it that, was no longer a stone’s throw away, and Ms. Virginia Bean was determined to find another career to her liking and so she’d gone walking in the hot air to find it. She’d left her two bedroom home without a formal jacket and had put up her blond hair in a loose bun, an elegant style that made good use of her fragile face. She could already feel the make-up’s foundation warming against her fair skin as she walked, fine lines of sweat finding its way from her neck and onto her beautifully constructed green chemise blouse, but she continued forward. It wasn’t like her to stop.

At the light she turned right and tried to ignore the bleating of someone’s horn. Either it was a male well-wisher or she’d stepped in front of someone’s perfectly manicured car. Ms. Virginia Bean liked to think of cars being well manicured, or sloppy, as the case may be, and she was determined that if she could not afford a car of the first variety, she wouldn’t drive her car at all. The rest, shall we say, is history.

Today, Ms. Virginia Bean had an interview with a fellow by the name of Frank Spurt; a funny name for a gentleman purporting excellence in his purified drinking water company. Western Falls was the name, after the bit more classic state name and city of “Idaho Falls,” and bottled water was Mr. Spurt’s game. Ms. Virginia Bean liked water; she drank it all the time, even when she didn’t need to. But drinking water was good for Ms. Virginia’s skin and she knew that she’d look that much younger down the road if she continued to drink it by the bucketfuls. And so she did.

Though she’d had no experience in working at a bottled water company, Ms. Virginia Bean knew about standing on her feet for long hours; and about relieving the customer of his/her unwanted burden that would only cause more problems to the manufacturer if she happened to miss the defect. Ms. Virginia Bean had all the knowledge she frankly needed, or so she reasoned. She was positive she’d get the job and that her past experience would glean the trust the boss would need to hire her. With an added boost of courage, Ms. Virginia Bean walked into the glowing building and looked around.

Thank heavens for air conditioning! The place was spotless, sort of like her home, only better. There were glass tables without a mark on them, and shiny floors without a scratch, and alongside the wall, real plants that needed to be watered. What a joy!

She walked up to the front desk, and seeing no one there, rang the silver bell.

No one came.

She rang again. The noise sounded more like a trumpet, but Ms. Virginia Bean tried not to let the strong sound startle her.

Finally, an old gentleman in a flannel shirt and long brown corduroys that reached beyond his shoes opened a door she’d never noticed before. He smiled up at her. “An appointment?” he asked. His voice was like water tumbling from a water fall. It was strange, but Ms. Virginia Bean tried not to stare. Instead she said, “Well, why yes. I have an appointment with Mr. uh, Spurt.”

“Yes, yes.” The old gent looked down at something on the counter, something she couldn’t see because of the glare. “Follow me.”

The same door opened. It had no knob, not even a crease was visible to let a person know that the door existed. “Right this way,” he continued as Ms. Virginia Bean followed his heavy steps. They were suddenly in a great room without tables or chairs or anything that Ms. Bean would have previously considered an office. The room consisted floors that glittered and walls that shone surrounded by a myriad of windows that revealed a menagerie of trees. Nothing else.

After some time another door opened. In it sat a gentleman. This one wore a fisherman’s cap and displayed a smile like someone who’d just discovered a secret but wasn’t yet ready to let it out.

“Ms. Virginia Bean?” he asked.

She sat, for suddenly she could see a white chair in front of his pure white desk.


“We have been waiting a long time for you,” the man said. His voice was different than the first but similar in the way that water was. Instead of a water fall, his voice was more like the sound of water just before it reached the shore. Again, Ms. Virginia Bean tried not to stare. “You’re probably wondering why I’ve invited you here,” he said.

Virginia thought she might have blushed, but she couldn’t be sure. Her feet were moving on the shiny floor, they were hard to keep still and she forced her hands to sit quietly on her lap. For some reason, this man demanded attention, and not just because he was the boss.

There was a moment or more of silence.

“I’m here for my interview,” she said.

“Yes, the interview.” He smiled, and she could see love in that smile, if such a thing as love in a smile is really possible. The smile lit up his blue eyes and drifted into her heart. The feeling made her happy and sad at the same time. It was strange and wonderful.

“So, you’ve come for faith,” he said.

Ms. Virginia Bean was momentarily confused. “Faith?” she asked. “I’ve come for an interview.”

“As I said, faith,” the old man answered. From some unknown place he handed her a rock. It was white and smooth and she could see tiny silver veins like a hand within it.

“I thought you bottled water here,” she said.

“Well, yes,” the man answered. “Lots and lots of water but take the stone, it’s your first after all, and you’ll need it to find that job.”

Ms. Virginia Bean didn’t know what to say. She’d come to this strange place for an interview and all she’d managed to get was a rock? But she held out her hand and took the rock anyway. It was warm and light in her hand and she felt suddenly younger than her 35 years.

“Now, this stone is special,” said Mr. Spurt. “If you listen closely, the stone you hold will tell you what you need to know.”

“That’s crazy,” she said without thinking.

The man smiled, lighting up the room. “Not crazy, special. If you listen, you will not only hear what you need to do, you will begin to have the faith to do it. Listening is the first stone of five from David’s bag.”

“The first…what?”

She sounded like a broken record, one of those vinyl disks that nobody used anymore to play music. Everything was so high-tech, so other-worldly, so…

“Your mind is racing,” said the man. “When you slow it down, you can hear. See this room? Feel how quiet it is?”

Ms. Virginia Bean tried to slow down her feet. She tried to grip the arms of the white chair and suddenly realized there weren’t any arms.

The old man laughed. “You don’t need to be afraid, Virginia, all you need is a listening ear; a moment that you can hear the voice.”

“From the stone?”

The man nodded and stood. Ms. Virginia Bean followed; it was the right thing to do. She held the warm rock in her right hand, and as she did, something happened.

“You are also beloved,” a voice said. It came from the stone.

The voice startled her, but only for a moment. Something like light ran up her right arm and entered her heart. When the feeling ended, she was still holding the stone and the man at the desk was gone.

"Conquering Your Goliaths - A Parable of the Five Stones"

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Here are a few comments on the book.


“I loved this book! Kathy has created a jewel in Conquering Your Goliaths ~ A Parable of the Five Stones. I felt like I was on the journey right along with Ms. Virginia Bean the whole time. As she received each of the five stones, I could personally relate them to my own life and circumstance. It is definitely a book to be read and re-read as the wisdom is profound and the story is captivating.”
Stacy Harmer, Emotional Healing and Life Coach - Live Well Coaching


“You will learn the powerful lessons of the five stones of David and be able to activate them in your own life. Learning and striving to overcome our Goliaths through this powerful message will bring love and light and strength into your life. I have collected my own stones to help remind me of the power I have when I am close God and allow Him to be a part of everything I do.”
Stephanie Knowlden, Poet & Writer


“Inspiring Story! Not only are the principles of conquering trials laid out in this book, but they are done within a beautiful and inspiring story that we all can relate to. I found myself inter-relating it with my own life. I was able to glean many precious gems of knowledge from its pages. It was simple to implement these wonderful "stones" into my own life. A must read for anyone who wants to overcome anything!”
Tricia Leslie, Owner and Director
Silhouette Ballroom Studios


Rating: ★★★★★

This is like a whole series of self-help books all rolled up neatly into 104 pages and disguised as a fiction story! Very clever indeed! You could read this book and not even know that you are learning something. I found myself highlighting and taking notes all through the book, but also really enjoying the story.

This is a short book that could be easily read in a day, but I took 3 days to read it. Why? - Well it wasn't slow that's for sure. It was because I didn't want to miss anything! I didn't want to read it too fast and not remember or "get" what it was about. It is kind of like a puzzle story where you have to put it all together and ask hmmm what does she mean by this? It was really fascinating. I definitely took something away from reading this. This is a book I will keep on my nook for future reference!

But don't get me wrong... I said cleverly disguised as a fiction story - because you won't even realize you are learning something! It is very sweet, heartfelt, entertaining and inspirational, with a touch of mystery and magic.

When Ms. Virginia Bean loses her job she goes on a journey with God and discovers what she has inside her that she didn't even know was there. When she meets God he gives her 5 stones (like the 5 stones David used to conquer Goliath). These stones represent exactly what you need in all of life's quests - Listening, Trust, Optimism, Tenacity, and Constancy. Only when Virginia fully develops all these qualities will she be ready to face what life has to throw at her. And life does throw her a few Goliaths!

All of these qualities ( Listening, Trust, Optimism, Tenacity, and Constancy) are traits that everyone needs in their everyday life, not just when trying to find a new job, but when struggling with a relationship, moving, buying a new house, trying to deal with the death of a loved one, anything really that you need help moving on with. Read this first - as a story. But then keep it with you as a reference book for how to use what God gave you for your life.

I would like to thank the Author - Kathryn Elizabeth Jones with all my heart for sending me this wonderful book!


While you yourself are Mormon (I am a Christian myself), I find that your book seems very "non-denominational", I think people from every faith, or really no faith could enjoy and get something from this book! Was that carefully intended? Who is this book targeted for? And what do you want people to get from it?

Yes, the book is very “non-denominational” and this was my plan. I wanted everyone to be able to read it and gain from the insights within. We often get so hung up on how our religion makes us different from others out there instead of speaking about what connects us as Christians. As for readers with “really no faith” I hadn’t considered how they might benefit, but your point is well taken. We can all learn from the story of Ms. Virginia Bean and improve our life. The book is targeted for women, but I believe all adults (and young adults) will enjoy the messages given. The thought of reaching closer to God and learning from him is my greatest desire for readers. We can’t do it alone and he is there to help each one of us.

Are you a motivational speaker, or have you ever thought of being one? LOL I really don't know if you are or not, but you should be! I would go listen to you!

Yes, I am a motivational speaker, and I am glad you asked! I have just finished a guidebook, “Conquering your Goliaths using the Five Stones.” In my workbook, hands-on growth experiences are offered; from writing experiences, to going out into the community, to opportunities for change through prayer and communion with God. The guidebook can be used in one of three ways; (1) as a workbook to be read and applied alone, (2) in a class situation created by the individual as an opportunity to share, or (3) as a tool in an Idea Creation Workshop offered by me. The guidebook should be available early February.

I have been speaking to groups about writing and journaling for about 10 years and am very excited to share more of my insights from “Conquering your Goliaths.”

What urged you to write a book like this? One that is so thought provoking, yet mystical in a way.

My nephew is on a mission for our church. One day he emailed my husband about this great idea he had about Goliath and the five stones he had gathered to face Goliath in battle. My husband told me about it. I knew instantly that this idea needed to be shared; I also began to see that my own life’s experiences had prepared me for such a journey with Ms. Virginia Bean. I have been a scripture journal writer for many years and have had profound experiences with God as I have sought for his light and truth. These truths I have recorded in my journal. When I am down or deeply struggling, I can return to my journal and re-discover his words to me.

What are your plans for the future? Do you have a book on the back burner?

Yes! I always have multiple projects on many back burners! My young adult fiction novel, “Ark of my Dreams,” should be out this year along with “Scrambled,” my first cozy mystery for adults.

Who inspires you most? In life? And in writing?

Inspiration that comes from God is the most rewarding experience for me, and I count on him on a daily basis to help me out. The good thing about God is that he’s never too busy, never takes a vacation, never appears to be having a nap, or any of the other variables that happens to us humans. In writing, especially in this book, I found him near my side and I almost felt as if what I was writing was being dictated to me.

I am also inspired by nature and by people who also choose God in their lives.

You mentioned Children's books that you would like to get published. Tell me a little about those. And what kinds of books do you read with your own children?

I have about a dozen children’s books waiting for an illustrator and publisher. I enjoy books by Max Lucado and C.S. Lewis. Both Lucado and Lewis are inspirational writers who believe in God and his power.

My three girls are grown, but I do have four grandchildren. I love to read books by new authors and those that lead to questions afterwards. Questions are key to getting answers and I believe children should learn about the power of questions at a very young age. My granddaughter, Becka, enjoys the book, “Chew like a Dinosaur,” a book I published for my family a few years ago using photos of my grandchildren and pictures of various animals we can be like. I would LOVE to publish this book!

And last - What Authors do you read? Do you have a few favorite books?

C.S. Lewis is my all-time favorite, especially the book, “Mere Christianity.” I also have many of Max Lucado’s children’s books on my bookshelf. My favorite: “You are Special.” I also LOVE, LOVE, “Where the Wild Things Are,” by Marice Sendak.



http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fALbTvJ9kns/Tbd_jezTFCI/AAAAAAAAAAk/NFvC7Nkb8qk/s45/Heather.JPG This book looks like it takes a really interesting and well rounded approach to it's material, and I would be interested in taking a deeper look at it. It probably houses a lot of lessons that I really need to apply to my life. Great review today!


http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_loLCf4VUzj4/TSV6m2WbKFI/AAAAAAAAABQ/3BqtFDcMmW8/S45/Sam%25252BFB%25252BAuthor%25252BPic.jpg "The good thing about God is that he’s never too busy, never takes a vacation, never appears to be having a nap, or any of the other variables that happens to us humans." -- SO TRUE.

Samantha Sotto

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_smgCCe5NvG8/SZdBN5rScqI/AAAAAAAAAOg/_qyul-F32tY/S45/myspace%2B2.JPG You know how I like self help books, but a self help book disguised as fiction! Even better! The theory behind the "5 stones" reminds me of that episode of Men in Trees when they write all their troubles on stones, and then climb a mountain with all their "trouble stones" on their back. Once at the top they throw their stones over the cliff out into the abyss to represent letting go of the things that trouble them.

Ashley Amanda

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_m-96iN64Aec/TLn1XZzX9II/AAAAAAAAAAw/gYVIoEb6dEk/S45/authorphoto.jpg Great interview! It’s awesome how one little email from her nephew to her husband created a book!

Aris Whittier


Rating: ★★★★★

When the company she works for relocates to another state, Virginia Bean loses a job she’s held for ten years. With no replacement employment lined up, she’s floundering trying to figure out what to do next. Showing up for a job interview, she finds herself embarking on an unexpected spiritual path. Insights, like the fact she hadn’t been happy at her previous job, begin to reveal themselves.

Conquering Your Goliaths~ A Parable of the Five Stones by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones is a self-help book contained within a fictionalized story. With each stone Ms. Bean is given, she begins to apply its meaning to her life to make significant changes. Readers follow along with her as she motivates herself to overcome negative thinking and acquire new skills. She also learns to accept that every negative experience she’s ever had has been necessary to develop her independence and overall well-being.

Author Kathryn Elizabeth Jones has written a wonderfully interesting and inspirational tale. Listening, Trust, Optimism, Tenacity, and Constancy are the five essential elements required to live a fulfilled existence. By reading this book, anyone can learn to apply them to his or her life. Only when individuals begin to accept the fact that an easy life without trials isn’t really worth living will they truly understand the lessons life is teaching them.





What is one book everyone should read?

“Mere Christianity,” by C.S. Lewis

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.

It will connect you with God.

What inspired you to want to become a writer?

I was pregnant with my first daughter and stuck home feeling sick. I decided to write.

What's one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?

“Never give up. Never surrender” (From the movie, “Galaxy Quest”).

What is your favorite Quote?

“If I were stunk in the lowest pit of Nova Scotia with the rocky mountains piled upon me, I would hang on, exercise faith, keep up good courage and I would come out on top” (Joseph Smith).

Can you see yourself in any of your characters?

Yes. Ms. Virginia Bean, only Virginia is a bit more daring and adventurous.

What's the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Do what you love.

How do you react to a bad review?

I have a “mad/crazy” moment, then I work on seeing the truth behind the comment and make changes as necessary.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

It’s already been done—twice. First with, “A River of Stones,” and second with “Conquering your Goliaths.” The first book told the story of a young girl named Samantha and her parent’s divorce, the second, about a woman striving to get to know God on a more personal level. Both books are fictional renditions of me.

What TV show/movie/book do you watch/read that you'd be embarrassed to admit?

Okay, it’s “Little House on the Prairie.” I cry every time.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Definitely chocolate. If they don’t have chocolate in heaven, I’m not going.

Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter!! I’m just discovering its joys!



The dictionary describes a parable as a short, allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle or moral lesson. And so does this beautiful Christian parable, which may be longer than those in the Bible as Christ spoke them, but certainly encompasses and provides the tools necessary to not just survive, but to live life to the fullest in these peculiar, challenging times. Or any time, for that matter. Perhaps that is why the author chose to publish this story at this time for she offers five profound principles to graciously use when life's path is flowing and lovely and/or to cling to when we think we haven't the strength and are broken.

She has a new manner in which to present probably the most important aspects of life beyond those usually found in religious writings and does so in a most enlightening and unique manner. Then she sums them up at the end so when a person needs that little something to keep going, or even as an aspect of adoration, just open to the page and absorb the thoughts. I recommend this novella for all Christians as an addition to their religious library.

Joan Adamak Prescott Valley, AZ


We all have a Goliath in our lives that we’d like to slay. Some of us have more than one. Kathryn Elizabeth Jones presents the story of Virginia Bean whose Goliaths are many and she takes the reader through a parable of how she learned life lessons through her encounters with five stones. Have you read in the Bible of the five stones which David used to sling at Goliath?

The story is good. What Virginia Bean thinks is a job interview is in fact, as we find out at the end of the story, a meeting with God and Jesus.

My favorite part was the inclusion of the spiritual guides at the end of the book. The first stone and guide were about listening and the author tells us to remember that things aren’t always as they appear, that daily prayer will help prepare us for listening, and that questions will bring answers. Next, there is Trust. In this section, Jones tells us that trust comes slowly but that we are never alone, that we don’t have to hide our mistakes, and that strength comes from reaching out to others. The other three stones are Optimism, Tenacity, and Constancy.

"Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones" has inspired me to keep some smooth stones on my desk to remind me of the five lessons learned by both Virginia Bean in the story and David in the Bible.


Ever have a book catch you off guard? Well “Conquering Your Goliaths” by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones was a pleasant surprise for me. As I read the book I was reminded of the author Hannah Hunnard who wrote my favorite book “Hinds Feet In High Places”. In both books the reader is given the privilege of witnessing the main character as she discovers the gifts within. A very quick read, less than 100 page (I had a PDF copy), it is pure quality; like a good movie it will leave you thinking long after you have turned the last page.

The complete title is “Conquering Your Goliaths A Parable of Five Stones”. Ms Bean, the main character, must look for a job. She meets a man, God, who guides her into a deeper understanding of who she is with the help of five stones. Unlike David she receives these stones one at a time allowing her not only to discover the value within each stone but they also draw her closer to God.

This is the true beauty of the story, the five keys or principles(whichever you choose to call them) presented are important, Ms. Beans’ faith journey. At the beginning “Conquering Your Goliath” we see a woman who is very nonchalant about her prayers and we are privileged to see her relationship with God grow. It is through her fellowship with Father God that she discovers what is within her.

I recommend this book.


A parable is short story that uses familiar events to teach us a lesson in life and that’s what one will find in this book. I have to say that I read the book twice. Once on my own and then again to get the true lesson out of the book. One does not realize the power that they have inside of them once they come to lean on God, to listen and to trust. As one reads they will visualize this factual story as an inspirational novella about how love can come slowly between two people and how it can also be just s easily lost, but you also are receiving a lesson. When you learn not only what the first two stones are about Listening and Trust you will soon learn that being Optimistic and having Tenacity goes hand in hand with the first two. Last but not least is constancy. You must do all of these constantly and you will soon find out that you can face the Goliath’s in your life. If David had not listened and trusted he never would have defeated the giant. After reading this you will want to get her study book to go along with this book.



Conquering Your Goliaths is one of those books that could easily be read in an afternoon. Just because it can be done does not mean that it should be done. For best results, I suggest reading this book by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones at least twice. Read it the first time to get the “feel” of the book and read it again to soak in the many lessons that it is teaching.

Conquering Your Goliaths is about more than just a woman that is looking for a new job. It is about the lessons that she learns while trying to find that job.

The “five stones” that provide the basis for this book are: listening, trust, optimism, tenacity, and constancy.

The author has created a modern day parable that teaches some great life lessons in a fun and enjoyable manner. Kathryn Elizabeth Jones has said more in this one short book (104 pages) than what many “self-help experts” have tried to say in multiple volumes. The book is simple and straightforward with no “pie-in-the-sky promises”.



Conquering Your Goliaths is more than a feel good story; it connects you to the heart of what truly matters in life: 1. Listening, 2. Trust, 3. Optimism, 4. Tenacity, 5. Constancy

David gathered 5 smooth stones when he went to face Goliath. How might he have prepared himself? What might the stones have represented in his quest to meet and defeat the Philistine? The five stones that the main character, Ms. Virginia Bean gathers as she travels in search of a new job, can be the five stones that you carry in your pocket or bag as you face your Goliaths.

Don't face your Goliath alone. Get the help of God. Discover the power that you have within you, a power that comes from gathering and applying the five stones in your life. After reading the book, you'll want to get your hands on the "Conquering Your Goliaths: Workbook." Go through the five stones again and write about what you are doing in your own life; make and set goals. Overcome personal obstacles. Have the kind of life you've always wanted.






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